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June 24, 2016

LE MONET: Your Home in Camp John Hay, Baguio! (Revisited) @lemonet_hotel

Le Monet Baguio
Located at the "Summer Capital of Philippines", Baguio City is Le Monet Hotel. The establishment is named after Claude Monet - the great French impressionist painter. Claude Monet is primarily a landscape painter.Managed by Artstream Hospitality Management Group Inc with 70 well-appointed rooms, Le Monet Hotel can be found at the famous Camp John Hay.

We loved the combination of the hotel's beautiful landscapes and Baguio's scents of pines and sweeping views provide the guests with a cozy atmosphere. 


Le Monet Hotel Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Website: www.lemonethotel.ph
Mobile: +6374 6610202 to 07 / +639175267049
Facebook: @LeMonetHotel
Twitter: @lemonet_hotel
E-mail: rsvn.lemonet@ahmgi.com

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Check out low rates and availability from Agoda: Le Monet Hotel

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June 21, 2016

PAD THAI: How this 100-year-old Recipe from Tha Yang Ruined the Pad Thai Experience Anywhere Else

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Pad Thai Tha Yang-12.jpg

As a foodie traveler, you always look forward to visiting regions where you can taste authentic local fare. It's always a treat understanding the culture of a place through its food and dining destinations, like pintxos from the different bars in San Sebastian, sashimi at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, or a 100-year old Pad Thai recipe in Tha Yang district, Petchaburi province in Thailand.  

Here's my experience eating authentic Pad Thai at Tha Yang... 

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NEDERBURG: A VASK Wine Dinner with South Africa’s Finest!


They say wine is the drink of the Gods. What more when it’s paired with some of the finest food in the world? Gallery VASK and Future Trade International partnered with Nederburg Wines in celebration of their next generation Cellar Master, Andrea Freeborough.


Along with the beautiful selection of wines, Chef Luis Gonzales of Gallery VASK prepared a lavish, full-course menu to pair with Nederburg’s Brew Master, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more.


South Africa
Email: nedwines@distell.co.za
Telephone: +27 (0)21 862 3104
Website: www.nederburg.com
Facebook: Nederburg

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MASTERMIND: What Makes Manila's First Theatrical Escape Room Different?


Skullhead Hostages by Mastermind is a Theatrical Escape Room designed to give players a different experience with an actor constantly manipulating the storyline while everyone is trapped as hostages and must escape through solving real-life puzzles within 60 minutes.

Room Brief:
You are held hostage by a radicalist gang leader, who resorts to extreme methods to uphold his clan’s values. Will you distract him and maneuver your way out of this hairy situation? Or will the war wage on? You must work with your friends to solve puzzles, eavesdrop telephone conversations, gather all the equipment, and disengage the enemy to succeed. Will you escape from reality?

Here's what to expect in Manila's first theatrical escape room...

Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms
2nd Floor, Harrison Plaza Manila (Beside DHL)
Mobile: +63920 946 3925
E-mail: manila@mastermindescape.com
Website: mastermindescape.com
Facebook: MastermindEscape

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June 19, 2016

San Miguel Premium All Malt, San Miguel Super Dry & Cerveza Negra Draft Beers are finally here!

The San Miguel Lifestyle Brews is a selection of master-crafted beers which include San Miguel Premium All Malt, Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Super Dry appealing to an evolving crowd of beer lovers and sophisticated palettes.

The event is the launching of it's premium line of artfully-crafted draft beers brewed locally retaining its freshness.


San Miguel Premium Beer Draft Experience

San Miguel has partnered with selected bars and pubs in Metro Manila providing the San Miguel Lifestyle brews in draft format.

The draft beers are brewed in small batches and packaged locally in their brewery in Valenzuela, assuring customers a level of freshness as if you are drinking straight from the brewery.

Here's a photo essay of the launch...

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June 17, 2016

BAGUIO: Top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Baguio (2016 Edition)! #AwesomeBaguio


It's been a while since we updated our list of 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Baguio (even the list of Tripadvisor and other sites are outdated), so we revisited our old favorites and were surprised to discover new awesome restos in the "City of Pines". We asked prominent local foodies for suggestions and came up with a comprehensive list of go-to places.

Team Our Awesome Planet together with Donny "The Last Don" Elvina of the KTG visited and tried all the shortlisted Baguio restaurants in a span of 4 days. Each establishment was individually ranked from 1-10 and their food needed to be good--and we had to have tasted it for ourselves--to be included on the list.

(Note: I have to admit that the team who rated the restaurants is predominantly young, so there's a subjective millennial bias on the choice and ranking of the restaurants.) 

Here are the top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Baguio for 2016... 

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RODRIGO'S ROAST: Adobo Dish Recipe Fit for a President by the Adobo Queen!

The simplicity of Adobo makes it so versatile and adds room for creativity in preparation. TV Personality and self-proclaimed Adobo Queen, Nancy Reyes-Lumen, demonstrates Rodrigo’s Roast—just in time for our president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte.



Rodrigo’s Roast is made of rolled pork belly braised Adobo style and seared with brown sugar—eggs are added for that extra protein kick.

As a recipe by renowned cook, Enriqueta David-Perez, this dish was inspired by her father who used to make an Adobo-like roast in the Monastery.

(Note: Fatty pork shoulder was used in this recipe. Fat adds flavor and prevents the meat from drying out. )

Here’s how to make it yourself… 

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- RODRIGO'S ROAST: Adobo Dish Recipe Fit for a President!

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COOKOUT: Embracing American Comfort Food Culture with Sausages, Burgers, and BBQ in Baguio!


Given the long history of Filipinos with American Colonialists, it's no surprise that most locals have developed a taste for western food. COOKOUT is one such type of restaurant that embodies this--embracing the salt, grease, and fat of American comfort food that we’ve all, somehow, been programmed to enjoy.

Cookout started as a standalone grilling station along Baguio's Session Road among 3 friends--Russell Go, Melvin Perez, and JR de la Paz of Size Matters, another American comfort food joint in Pasig. The more their homemade sausages and burgers made stomachs happy, the more customers urged them to open a restaurant. Thus, Cookout by Size Matters was born as a collaboration between the 3 gentlemen. They essentially serve the very same sausages and patties as Size Matters, but with a menu unique only to Baguio.

Standing strong for about a year now, Team OAP went for a visit to see what they had to offer…


COOKOUT by Size Matters
Cookout, EGI Albergo Hotel, #1 Villamor Street, Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio City.
Mobile: +63 998 971 2151
Telephone: 074 424 3220
Facebook: Cookout Baguio
Instagram: @Cookout_Baguio


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